Letters to Liam update


Some very exciting developments in the evolution of my little show which will be debuting at the Bad Dog Short Play Festival in October.

Ron Fromstein, Writer/Director of the show B-sides and Offroads which I appeared in back in 2001 has agreed to come on board as Director. I love working with Frommer and look forward to the insight he will lend as a produced playwright and winner of many a Fringe playwriting contest...

The other news is that the show now has "a look" courtesy of the multi-talented Kurt Firla! I'm sure you'll be as impressed with his work as I am!

I will be posting all relavant press materials for the show over at this new blog if you're interested in keeping tabs on Letters to Liam.


  1. Sounds great, Tracey. I'm so excited for you. I know it's going to be great.

  2. Thank you Sweetie - I'm glad someone does! :)

    By the way...

    Guess what I'm doing right now? Do you think I'm watching the Yanks beat the Sox for the third time in two days? With their trademark class and grit? Come on Trish! The Captain and I want you to get on board!

    There is room for everyone in Yankee country!

    Your friendly internet baseball evangalical.

  3. Janet9:14 AM

    Hello Auntie Tracey! (Can I call you auntie?) First off, I didn't know you were doing something like this! Does everyone else know? Am I the last to know... again? =_=

    Second thing is you wanted the link to my DevPage. I wasn't sure where I should go so that's why I'm putting it up here: http://tsukikotsu.deviantart.com/

    Anywho, good luck on your performance thingy!

  4. You can call me "Auntie", if I can call you "Kiddo". Be warned though, I will say things like "Kiddo, I like your spunk!". Can you handle that? ;)

    Thanks for the link to your DevPage:
    You are a freakishly talented artist. My fave is the self portrait Holy Cats that's good!

    Been reading around a little bit too and if that Mike Holmes dream is any indication you'll be ghost writing "Auntie's " third solo show.



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