Four Girls Walk OUT of An Outlet Mall...


Well, after our marathon shop last weekend we stumbled on an Upstate NY winery. Huzzah! You could get 6 samples for $1. Toto, I don't think we're in the Niagara Region anymore.

But, umm, Montezuma winery? That's not creepy at all..."I think I taste a hint of oak, some ripe apple and just a liiiiiitle REVENGE!"

Slightly buzzed from our wine tasting we then happened upon giant road signs for the "Women's Rights National Historic Park". There was a strange irony attached to seeing that on the side of the road after we had enacted our particular brand of female bonding via discount shopping and wine tastings. Here are the girls demonstrating their rights as modern day feminists to be as prim or as butch as they want. Because that's what feminism is all about folks, choices!

With all of this now under our belts we set out to do the three things that every Canadian girl does when she is South of the border and I'm not talkin' about Fleet Week here. First, find a "Bath & BodyWorks" and buy your own body weight in Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Lotion with Vitamin E, B5 and Wheat Germ Oil in lovely fragrances like Cherry Blossom and Vanilla. That ritual is immediately followed by the "Why don't we have Bath & BodyWorks in Canada dance of grief". Second, find an "Olive Garden" and reminisce about how every single time one of you had a birthday in high school it involved dinner at the "Olive Garden". Eat your body weight in salad and breadsticks. Third, find a "Target" because "Target" is awesome and "Zellers", the equivalent to "Target" in Canada sucks hard.

As Momster pointed out, between our fierce shopping, and the way we gorged ourselves on breadsticks, we were acting like we lived in Communist Russia. It's no wonder Americans are confused by Canadians...

The next morning we left the place we stayed the night and headed back to Kingston, Ontario. Did we stay at a funeral home or a Ramada in Syracuse, New York? I'll never tell...

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