Four Girls Walk Into An Outlet Mall...


Last weekend, three girls (yours truly, Zee Noixy and DJ VL) walked into a jeep and drove all the way to Ottawa to pick up the fourth girl (Momster) for the express purpose of some female bonding, Canadian style. That's right, you got it, cross border shopping!

After a quiet evening in Momster's hood of Bar Haven, just outside of Ottawa - home of not just Momster, but also fields of grass, endless townhomes, and cows, who did not react to me yelling "You're delicious" at them from the car - we headed out the next morning to make the four hour drive to Upstate New York. At the border crossing, the guard says "Where you headed? Shopping?". When we asked him how he knew he said "I've seen it a million times, four women in a car, smiling...!" We didn't even know at that point what awaited us in Waterloo, NY. We didn't know about the expanse of upscale retailers all selling their goods at bargain basement prices! We didn't know that the rush of that kind of shopping experience makes even the smell of cow poop from the nearby farms bearable. The shopping was that good people! The place didn't even lack atmosphere. There was a Dixieland band playing tunes!

Some of the other pretty things to see between stops at Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and Coach...

Once it was all over, the damage done...

Frankly, we could have called it a weekend then, but we didn't. Still to come: Montezuma Winery, The Olive Garden, Target (read: Tarjay) and the beauty of Upstate New York and Kingston Ontario.

One question remains unanswered - will the girls make it across the border with all their goods? Would ANYONE believe that they only spent $50 each?! DUM DUM DUUUUUUUUMB!!!!!


  1. Anonymous10:31 AM

    BT and WA-WA have our doubts as to the claim of $50 each! Call us cynical, but...

  2. As a professional shopper myself I believe it. By professional I mean I make no money from it but the additions to my wardrobe are priceless and compensation enough.
    Beautiful flower pic.

  3. $50 each!? I am so proud of my sisters in shopping. My next buying excursion will be to the Ikea in Schaumberg, Illinois. Wish me luck!

  4. I must confess Ladies, none of us spent even close to $50 - but that is the magic number when it comes to border control...we somehow had to convince the border gaurd when we came back into Canada that we had only spent $50 each. A likely story, eh?!!!!


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