Four Girls Walk Into A Penitentiary


Or at least we thought that was what was going to happen when we crossed the border with our trunk full of goodies. Convinced that the border guards were going to give us a hard time we all took off our sunglasses, put on our real glasses (in a failed attempt to look brainy) and started getting into character. "We are wine nerds who went to Upstate NY for the winery experience...we only did a very limited amount of shopping...PLEASE DON'T LOCK US UP OR MAKE US PAY EXTRA TAXES!!!!!!"

Once we rolled into the lineup we noticed that we totally chose the wrong wicket - our border guy was clearly very mean. He kept getting out of his little booth and looking in people's trunks. He could have been giving them cavity searches for all we knew. Meanwhile, the wicket next to ours was moving at a break neck speed. Cars were flying through there. We were convinced that our futures as we had imagined them were now over.

Then, the god of girl-weekends everywhere smiled down on us and the guard's shift ended right before he got to our car. The new kid was bright eyed, bushy tailed and a little overwhelmed by a car full of girls in glasses. We were home free! We made it back to Canada with all of our contra and "Olive Garden" food hangovers. DJ VL never did solve the mystery of where all those support our troops bumper-magnets come from though...that is one case that is going to have to remain open. Nothing says "I'm committed to a cause" like a bumper MAGNET now does it? Seriously people, if you don't support your troops enough to devalue your car to say so...

Once back in "our home and native land" we drove through the 1000 Islands (very scenic) to Kingston, Ontario where Momster was going to catch the train back to Ottawa. Kingston is a beautiful town steeped in history. It's the birthplace of John A MacDonald, Canada's first Primeminister, don't ya know!

Where we thought we were going to end up, Kingston Pen:

Kingston really is a pretty town:

After walking around for a little bit we found a nice little pub that Momster had been to before. We sat on their patio and rang the weekend out with chicken wings and beer. The wings were cooked in a BBQ sauce they called "ghetto" sauce. It was made on the premises and was a secret recipe. At the end of the meal, Zee Noixy stops our cute server in his tracks with "come on, this's Kraft right?". Poor kid didn't know what hit him! At the pub:



Zee Noixy Prepares

Marcia Cross?!?! What did you do with Zee Noixy?!

After bidding Momster adieu at the train station by blasting "Don't You Forget About Me" from the car radio (it just happened to come on - we didn't plan it - although it did make for a memorable exit) we drove back to the and got back to our normal, "Bath & BodyWorks" deprived lives.


  1. we always, always got caught at the border. we used to stop just before getting to the border, remove tags and wear layers of clothes, even in the summer. geeks we were!

    i just got some new glasses just like your friend in the first photo, tell her she has great taste :)


  2. M - those glasses are wicked! Very Tina Fey... :)


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