Happy Birthday Terence!


I'm guilty of this as much as anybody, but there is a tendency to not celebrate our great artists and their special anniversaries (like birthdays) while they are young and alive for some reason. So in an attempt to rectify that I want to send a great big Happy Birthday Terence Blanchard's way. For my money he's one of the greatest trumpet players and composers, not just working today, but ever.

My top three Terence picks (so far):

The Malcom X Jazz Suite (1993) - based on his score for the Spike Lee film.

Let's Get Lost (2001) - All Jimmy McHugh tunes with guest appearances from some of today's top female vocalists.

Bounce (2003) - Debut release on Bluenote. Great originals and a truly amazing version of "Footprints".

If you're not familiar with his work, check him out immediately, you won't be sorry!

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