How does one pick up a valium habit?


Since they don't sell diazepam at the wine rack, I guess I'll never know.

I'll tell you this much though, things have been so action packed at "CSIS" the last few weeks that if pharmaceutical relaxants were readily available to me I might be a happier girl. Might? Scratch that! Rewrite! I would be a much happier girl. For the meantime I will settle with bubble baths, red wine, Kurt Elling in my ear and the thought that this guy should HOST the Oscars some day:

Would that not be the best choice that the folks at The Academy have made...ever?

If I got to watch three hours of Clooney cracking wise and being handsome on television next March it might prevent me from doing questionable things in the future, like tonight when I asked a mean, nasty old woman on the trolley car if she was "raised by wolves". It was rush hour and she was giving a seat to her canvas tote! I had to do it!

I'm taking a long weekend. It's not safe for me to be around people in my present state of mind.

For the record, I think she *was* raised by wolves.

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