Anna Wintour doesn't like fat people. I don't care. Eve Ensler does.


Would I be preached at or would I feel changed? That was the question I had going in to see Eve Ensler's (of The Vagina Monolgues fame) new one person show The Good Body in Toronto last week. As it turns out, neither.

The Good Body delves into our culture's all consuming preoccupation with an unhealthy feminine ideal, the tyranny of, what Ensler calls, women's “deep, deep programming to be good,” and her own, insanely self indulgent, preoccupation with her 50-something belly. While Ensler went on and on about her hate for her stomach I couldn't help but wonder if she'd never heard of spanx underwear. Check it out Eve!

The thing is, while spanx seem to be a happy solution for women of my generation, Ensler is clearly dealing with more here than a dislike for her gut. This is less about flab than it is about unhealthy relationships with her parents, unhealthy expectations and Anna Wintour. Perhaps those of us in our 20's and 30's (I was joined by a young 20 something friend at the show) suffer less because of women like Ensler and their attempts to make sense of this goofy preoccupation with fat, the true "f word" in the female vocabulary.

Who knows? I could stand to lose some weight, sure. But I'm healthy and I like food and I work out. Whatever. I've got a drawer full of spanx at home and I like my curves. I'm sure Anna Wintour would hate my guts...and my gut. Again, whatever. Anna Wintour can kiss my fat, white ass. And there it is, I am not concerned with being "good" and neither are any of my 20 or 30 something girlfriends. That must be the main difference. I suppose it's niave of me to make statements like that considering the number of young women out there today with eating disorders, but I truly believe that our relationship with food is healthier, at least in general. Ensler's peice made me think, that's for sure and that is a good thing.

While I wasn't moved or changed by the theme or content of her show, I guess I wan't really the target audience. I did however, find her performance riveting. Her characters were very real and distinct from eachother. They were vibrant and compelling in a way that I wasn't prepared for simply because I think of Ensler more as a writer and an activist than as an actress. She has a magnetic stage presence, a great voice and an infectious smile. She's just wonderful. I wish she felt better about herself.

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