A great big congratulations to my friend, the wonderful Kaj Pindal, whose television series Peep and the Big Wide World has been nominated for a 2006 Daytime Emmy Award. This charming little show, which has Kaj's charming personality all over it took home the Emmy last year. Say it with me! REPEAT! REPEAT!

As we've established here on ol' Bloggy McBloggerson, award shows are one of my true guilty pleasures. All of 'em, except The Grammy's cause they are ALWAYS such a train wreck...and well, I guess The Espies...cause...do I really need to explain that? I did see about 30 seconds of the Grammy telecast last night. It was some sort of GAWD FORSAKEN tribute to Sly and the Family Stone. With every recording "artist" in there on stage looking lost and sounding like HELL. Made me want to yack. The only Grammy winners I care about are these:

Jazz Vocal Album: "Good Night, and Good Luck," Dianne Reeves.

Jazz Instrumental Solo: "Why Was I Born?" Sonny Rollins.

Jazz Instrumental Album, Individual or Group: "Beyond the Sound Barrier," Wayne Shorter Quartet.

Contemporary Jazz Album: "The Way Up," Pat Metheny Group.

Large Jazz Ensemble Album: "Overtime," Dave Holland Big Band.

Latin Jazz Album: "Listen Here!" Eddie Palmieri.

Sorry to see Terence Blanchard's nomination didn't result in a win, but can't complain really. All the winners are deserving.

Kudos to them!


  1. Hey, I just saw that show for the first time Friday. I'm in love, it's incredible. That's like an award, right?

  2. YAY!!! Peep actually dates back to 1962 when Kaj was with the NFB. Later, he developed the character of Peep in a 30-minute NFB video, "Peep and the Big Wide World", narrated by Peter Ustinov, in 1988. And now, almost 20 years after *that* awards, awards, awards! He's an amazing artist and a really cool guy. He has a working train in his backyard. You'd love him.

  3. Maynard G. Krebs12:44 PM

    how bout the lifetime grammy that went to OP, Barry Harris and Hank Jones...oh yeah, they decided not to broadcast that part of the show.

  4. Are you kidding me Maynard??? I didn't even know that! Well, kudos to those three genius men too. And a big, fat thumbs down to the execs that decide that kind of thing isn't worth the time on the airwaves.

    Thanks for dropping by :)


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