What are you doing New Year's Eve?


The holidays are officially over and after all the activity of the last month I have to say that the normalcy of the post holiday season is starting to feel like a holiday itself!

We closed out the season in style on New Year's Eve when the Robeau took me to the Metro Toronto Zoo. What a good time. The Zoo had an entire evening planned which wrapped up in a family friendly countdown at 9pm instead of midnight. I'm not sure that I can accurately convey just how funny it was to watch the myriad of children's performers on stage (including Doo Doo the International Clown) exclaim "I can't wait till Nine O'Clock!". Hysterical. I kept wondering about all the kids in the crowd who were calling bullshit in their heads. "Nine O'Clock?! Who do they think they're kidding?" I'm quite sure we were the only childless couple on the premises, but the truth is watching the little kids running around in their snowpants all hopped up with excitement was just as fun as watching the monkeys and the naked mole rats. That's right, naked mole rats. I was repulsed at first, and then, somehow, drawn to them. Go figure.

Charles the Chimp is probably the most famous resident of the Metro Toronto Zoo since they sold his "Abstract Expressionist" art a few years ago to raise funds. I wasn't able to get close enough to snap any pics of Charles and his two women and their children (Charles gets around) but I was fond of these artist's renderings of the big guy:

The gigantic fish tank was also a big draw - much more colourful than the one at my local Loblaws.

After the new year began unofficially at Nine O'Clock we stopped by "Chez Zee Noixy and To" for some good company and Chinese take out. We arrived home just in time to see the ball drop in Times Square and down a bottle of champers. A lovely way to ring out '05.

Here's to 2006 - hope it's filled with laughter, music, health and happiness for all of you!


  1. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Loblaws? Is it run by a lobster crime syndicate?!

    (When I grow up, I want to be a self-proclaimed bon vivant, too...)

    Cheers - e Feliz Ano Novo,

  2. Ha! Loblaws is just your average Canadian grocer, e. They do have tanks of Salmon and whatnot in the fancier locations and one night I saw a big mean fish terrorizing all the other fish in the tank. They were all swimming right at the bottom of the tank and this big, mean Godfather fish would bang into them and force them back down if they tried to get "in his territory". I almost bought that fish just to free the others of his tyranny!

  3. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Ah - but where are the photos of The Big Mean Fish? I want to see his bad self!

  4. No photos, but he's burned on my brain! Stupid fish haunts my dreams!

  5. You could hire a crustacean to do a hit and save the little fish...


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