Wash Me


Shot at Queen Street East and Carlaw Ave, 9:30am. Tuesday, January 3, 2006.

Ya gotta love living in a city with an eye for irony.


  1. hi tracy, i think you're on my list from girlcomic.net...that was my site from years ago. i hope you stay on it. you seem really cool and i like your blog. where are you based out of? toronto?



  2. Oh, Becky! Of course – girlcomic.net! Great site! The intornet is a funny thing, I can never remember how I “met” people. I like to say “intornet” because it makes the information super highway sound like a 1950’s scifi robot.

    I’m a Toronto girl – you should come and see us some time :)

    Glad you like the blog, I started it a couple of years ago so I could stop emailing to promote gigs and find now that I’m doing less gigs it’s a fun outlet for the writing.

    Anywhoo...take care, looking forward to continuing to read your stuff.

  3. JT- So glad you're carrying your camera with you! Mo


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