Livin' just enough for the mini...


The Robeau got yours truly an ipod mini for Christmas this year (I am a very spoiled girl). Apparently it was difficult to find since it has been replaced in the marketplace by the nano which I feel is an inferior product because (I've said it before, I'll say it again) it is a) too thin and b) not pink.

Never in my life have I become so attached to a gadget so quickly. I love it. It completes me. I tell it that every night as we drift off to sleep together. "ipod mini" I say "thank you for existing so I don't have to take mr. discman out anymore...he was broken and being held together by rubber bands and he made me feel as though I was so far behind the times I might as well have been carrying a victrola around on my back".

It only answers back by whispering Oscar Peterson, Miles Davis and Terence Blanchard tunes in my ears. I just fed my ipod mini a bunch of Coltrane, a double CD of Dave Frishberg and the new Stevie Wonder disc. I'm good to it too...


  1. Rubber bands? A *Victrola* on your back?! Before you go any further down this mad, mad road, you need to see Daniel Turek's "iPod vs. The Cassette" series, right here:

    And after that, make plans to buy a much larger iPod with a lot more GB - you're going to want it, I know....

  2. Ellen that Daniel Turek stuff is hilarious!

  3. Thought you'd like it!


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