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When Lenny met our pal Carly (who you should just go ahead and "like" on Facebook already) it was the first time I've ever witnessed her come down with what appeared to be an instant case of hero worship. She watched her every move. If Carly leaned against the wall and crossed her arms, suddenly, there was Lenny, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed, carefully watching Carly to make sure she got it just right.  Then, when she played "this little piggy" with her Lenny's head blew clear off with the sheer joy of it.  A couple of days later we were playing with Lego on the floor and the TV was on in the background.  Lenny starts fa-reaking out "Car-leeeeee!"  It was this commercial, where Carly does indeed appear as a "young mom".

As you can see, she's not on screen that long which means two things:

1) My child is a genius (duh).
2) Carly has some kind insane kavorka over said genius-child (may she only use it for good and not evil).

What's happened since then is that I think Lenny has come to believe that all of her favourite people are on TV.  The other day a car commercial caught her eye and next thing you know she's pointing at the pretty smiling lady with the straight blonde hair and saying "Ah-net! Ah-net!" 

Dig the adorable toddler arm pointing at her friend on TV.


As you can see, it's not a bad likeness to her actual Ciocia Annette, pictured below with some douche bag who thinks hamming it up for the camera while at a fancy restaurant is a good idea.  Will she never learn?!?!

So imagine my excitement when watching CBS Sunday Morning yesterday, Lenny starts pointing at the TV and saying "Mommy!"

Yes, CBS Sunday Morning.  Judge me if you must, but sometimes, on the weekends, I like my knowledge useless and my humour gentle.

They say daughters all think that their mothers are beautiful, especially when they are young.  I was ready for a little ego boost.  And then...this:

My daughter thinks I look like Louis XIII.  Despite the initial shock, I  have to say, this outfit is pretty snazzy.  He's got really shapely calves.  Also? I could totally pull off that hat.  

So. What do you guys think I should call my fashion blog?

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  1. I don't know when I've laughed so hard. Yes, you could totally pull off that hat.

    PS: Hey, don't mock my Sunday morning ritual!


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