Recipe: Dessert Bruschetta


As I've mentioned on more than one occasion I'm not much of a baker. I mean, I love dessert as much as the next girl, but I just don't have the patience for baking. The measuring, the batches, the constant wishing I had just bought something at the bakery. It's exhausting. But that doesn't mean that I don't like to serve (and eat) dessert. Often, my solution is to pull a fast one and dress up ready-made baked goods and fresh fruit into something like this Dessert Bruschetta. This is so easy and tasty and it's great on a weeknight!

What you'll need:
Balsamic Vinegar
Brown Sugar
Fresh Black Pepper
Fresh Mint
Ready-Made Pound Cake
COOL WHIP Whipped Topping


1. I think we all know that grocery store strawberries taste like...well...nothing. I like to enhance their flavour by macerating the sliced strawberries in a few slugs of Balsamic Vinegar and a sprinkle of brown sugar. Once the berries start to sweeten up, a syrupy sauce starts to form. This is so easy to do and the results are really, really great.

2. After letting the berries sit for about 30 minutes, stir in a little bit of fresh black pepper and a chiffonade of fresh mint. This adds a depth of flavour and keeps your berries from becoming too sweet.

3. Thinly slice however many servings of the pound cake you intend to use. Toast it on a baking sheet in a 350 degree oven for about 10 - 15 minutes until it's a nice golden brown.

4. Top your toasted pound cake with the macerated strawberries.

5. Finish the whole thing off with a dollop of COOL WHIP. Voila! Dessert Bruschetta:

Verdict:  I'm going to be serving this bad boy during BBQ season, for sure!  The macerated strawberries are always a winner, but when paired with the toasty pound cake and the COOL WHIP they are even better.

Addendum:  I feel the need to point out that even though this is sponsored content (Holla, COOL WHIP!) it should be noted that I'm no stranger to COOL WHIP.  Nolan family legend states that a 2 year old me was once spotted sitting in front of the fridge, open COOL WHIP container and tablespoon in hand.  Can you blame me?  No.  No, you can't.  So just be quiet about it and go grab a tablespoon.  I won't tell.


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  1. Anonymous1:45 PM

    My students in my foods class did this recipe for a lab. It was a hit. We are now preparing to serve it at our local school board meeting.

    1. Really? That's so cool!

    2. I'd love to know more. Drop me an email if you can? info at misstraceynolan dot com?


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