Current Obsession: HAMILTON (Yay Hamlet!)


Lin-Manuel Miranda leading the November 25 Ham4Ham perfor­mance. Photo: Mark Peterson/Reduxpictures as seen in New York Magazine.  See Lenny in the bottom left corner? OK...half of her? :)

The soundtrack to Lin-Manuel Miranda's brilliant Hamilton has been on constant rotation in our house since early this Fall and I don't expect that to change any time soon.

If you haven't yet found yourself under the spell of this master and his masterpiece I've got some suggested viewing for you...

It all started at the White House in 2011. As Lenny would say, "prepare to be amazed":

The standing O from the President was prophetic.

A few years later, that became THIS:

And the press and mainstream success has been flooding in. Check out Lin's Wheel of Freestyle on the Tonight Show:

That day Lenny came home from school and told me she wanted to listen to Hamilton and paint abstracts. Parenting WIN. Click here to see 36 seconds of awesomeness.

And finally, on our recent trip to NYC at #Ham4Ham with Céline and Lenny.  MEGA exciting to be there and see Lin-Manuel in person.  Click here to check that out.

Yeah, this show hits a bunch of my sweet-spots, American History, Politics, Broadway and Hip Hop so it makes sense that it would speak to me. But it's genius seems to be nearly universally accepted. Which is such an exciting thing to witness.  Most exciting for me is, I think, feeling this excited by a piece of theatre again. I don't think I've felt this way in 20 years. It feels amazing to be completely consumed by a piece of art. I'm very grateful for the joy this show has given me.

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