There was an incident today at school. Apparently a boy followed Lenny around during playtime repeating "you're small, you're small" as a taunt. She's really not, but whatever kid. Anyway, I guess she took it for a while and then she wheeled around and covered his mouth with her hands.  

So, you know, proud she's defending herself here, but now we have to have the talk. The talk about how first of all, you're not supposed to touch another kid like that and secondly, hey, don't take it personally. He's just teasing you. Let it go. Let it goooooo....

We ask her about this and she, who has told us very little about her days at school and claims that she knows no names says, nonchalantly "oh yeah, that's *Carlos"  




The Robeau looked at her and said next time he tries bugging you by saying "you're small", just walk away.

I said, the next time he says "you're small" say "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!"

I'm going to get sent to the Principal's office, aren't I?

*The name of the teaser has been changed to protect...well...everyone...

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