In Pictures: Summer 2014


I mean...wasn't it just May?  We've been keeping super busy this Summer with all sorts of good times, especially birthdays.  Lenny is four.  It's hard to believe how quickly time has flown.  That whole thing about the years being short and the days being long?  So on the money.

Lenny wasn't the only one with a birthday.  Our friend Matthew is ONE!  Isn't he handsome?  

Beautiful Girls

Great brunch spot with great people in the Junction Triangle.  
A trip to the ROM always means a trip to Starbucks too.
My first attempt at growing food is actually yielding results.  So shocked.

 It wouldn't be Summer without a few trips to the C.N.E.  

With my Mama
Farmer Len is already a better driver than me.

A visit with Cousin / Auntie Laura

Getting ready to march in the Caribbean Festival Parade where I was the official photographer for the PanAm Games.

I took a conference call at the beach last week.  Moments like these remind me of why Freelance Life is THE BEST.

Derek Jeter's last game in Toronto with my girls...

Perhaps the most exciting development in our household this Summer was the addition of J.J.  Lenny named him after the Robeau (J.J. is short for Jim Junior) and I'm happy to report that this handsome Russian Blue youngster is fitting in quite nicely.  I've missed having a cat in the house.

Fall, here we come!  It's going to be a big one...

Pics are from my Instagram feed or courtesy Aunt Mo.

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