If you're like me, you've learned more watching PBS KIDS with your kid then you're eager to admit.  Real talk:  I learned more about the solar system from Ruff Ruffman then I ever learned in grade school.

Well, this week, Chris and Martin Kratt are going to finally help me nail down the difference between crocodiles and alligators.  You think I'd finally have that figured out after all the time we spend in New Orleans, but well, no.

My friends at PBS KIDS asked me to remind you guys to tune-in to the premiere of WILD KRATTS: SWAMP THINGS on Monday, July 21 on PBS KIDS! The one-hour special kicks off a week of new, swamp-tastic episodes set in Flordia’s Everglades and Cypress Swamp.

In the special, a pop Creature Quiz challenge question about what the differences are between a crocodile and an alligator turns into a full-blown Crocogator contest to find out why these two very similar creatures are different at all. The WILD KRATTS also go on a fact-finding adventure about mosquitos! Check your local listing for air times.

I went on a fact-finding adventure about mosquitos last week while reading on my front porch.  It wasn't pretty, let me tell you.  One minute I'm all "oh...this is the best..a glass of wine a good book" and then suddenly I was all "WHY IS MY ENTIRE BODY ITCHY?!"  

I could have totally used some create power that night, let me tell you.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  This is not a sponsored post.  I love PBS and PBS KIDS so much...and they know it...and they know I'll do their bidding for free.
Because that's what you do for people and corporate entities that you love. 

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