My Favourite Stritch Moment


In rehearsals for Follies in Concert in 1985, Barbara Cook sings In Buddy's Eyes. It's so beautiful, it's as if all of the air as been sucked out of the room. There is complete silence. Lee Remick watches on and appears as though she is going to cry. Mandy Patinkin closes his eyes...and you can almost see his goosebumps. Sondheim himself is in the corner of the room mouthing along to the lyrics.

And then, there is Stritch.

In her tights and button down shirt and bucket hat. Fussing with her purse, taking her shoes off, putting her shoes on. Cigarette hanging out of her mouth. She had not one fuck to give.
Not one, single, solitary fuck to give.

And I think that's why we (the audience) loved her. What an asshole. What a wonderful, gifted, completely watchable, honest asshole.

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