Fashion Friday: Northern Uprising Edition


Tonight, the Toronto Raptors look to close out their first round playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets with a win.  All of Toronto is rooting for them, and last week, one little girl became a media darling outside the Air Canada Centre while she cheered them on.  What was the winning combination?  Firstly, a true Raptors superfan has been keeping her interested all season long with stories about DeMar DeRozen, TRoss and the Raptor (aka Dino) so, she knew her stuff.  Secondly, it doesn't hurt if you are literally the only person under the age of 15 at the party...and guessed it...the outfit.

On Facebook, my friend James, husband to the beautiful and talented force behind The Farmer's Only Daughter, remarked that she looks like a child size version of everyone's eccentric Aunt.  I think that is the most perfect description of Lenny's style and her "try anything once" attitude.  She's the life of the party.

Here she is teaching her dance moves to some new (super stylish) friends.

Here she is posing with a member of the Raptors Dance Pak (who requested the photo, by the way)
Being filmed by the YES Network!

On the Toronto Star

And a Star Reporter's Twitter Feed

As seen on the CTV News
And on Global News where she was sooo stoked to hold a microphone.  I am in TROUBLE. 

LET'S GO RAPTORS!!!  Full video here.

And here I am, at the party, with Amir Johnson.  A man who can rock his heavily tattooed torso as easily as he can a pocket square and a designer tux.  I. love. that.

As for me, I'm sporting what I'm sure will become my "momager" uniform.  Jones of New York Denim Jacket, scarf with a pop of colour that my child will steal and wear as her own within the hour and Quad Grande upside down Americano.

Now, before I leave you today, three more examples of great style off the court, from our Toronto Raptors.

Kyle Lowry, fearlessly mixing patterns and owning that bow tie!
DeMar DeRozen, keeping it classy in cool tones of grey and icy blue.
Amir, looking super dapper on the red carpet.  Dig the frames!

Thanks to Aunt Mo for all the photos!  GO RAPTORS!!!!

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  1. Words will not capture how much I love all this!!


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