Fashion Friday: Puddle Jumpers Edition


It's warming up, thank JEBUS.  I know it's still February, and I might be speaking too soon but today it sure seemed like the big thaw is underway.  There were massive puddles all over our street.  We got so much snow this winter it's going to get wet no matter what this Spring.  Which got me thinking about rain boots.  As it would.

I've always been a fan of the classic yellow wellies.  They bring back memories of jumping in puddles on the way home from school and evoke muddy hikes through the countryside. Why mess with perfection?

These women's size 8 beauties are available on Etsy.

Oh, this.  This is why you mess with perfection.  Polka dots. These are adorable without being too cutesy.  What's too cutesy, you ask? Exhibit A and Exhibit B, if you must know.  I mean, why is that necessary, people? Come on.

Chooka Posh Dots

Hunter Boots are everywhere these days and even though they seem to be part of some city-mom uniform that I find somewhat off putting, I can't deny their classic charms.  The good news is that they are available in wide width and with an adjustable back.  I love these navy ones with just a hint of crimson pink.

Drool worthy Hunters

I feel like these would go with just about everything - a skinny jean, a skirt, leggings, even - in a pinch - formal wear.  I might just have to add a pair of these to my city-mom wardrobe this Spring.

Some fashion related eye-candy from around the web:

Urban Outfitters is offering a perfect take on the classic Bubble Umbrella.

Oh, boy.  This stripey Kate Spade Bubble Umbrella would go perfectly with those Hunters.

Just for fun - 11 times umbrellas were the hardest workers in Hollywood.

If there's anything you'd like to see in this space on a Friday, let me know!

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