Fashion Friday: 6 Oscar Dresses I'd love to see translated into Plus Sizes


I saw a couple of great movies this year (I'm looking at you Blue Jasmine and Her) but the reality is, I don't get out to the movies as much as I used to.  This of course means that this Sunday, the Oscars are going to be more about the fashion for me then ever.

Have you seen this fantastic infographic showing every dress worn by Best Actress winners at the Oscars?  

After looking at this, it occurred to me that several of these gowns would look fabulous translated into plus sizes for today's woman.  Here are my favourites.

Ginger Rogers won the Oscar in 1941 for her performance in Kitty Foyle.  The designer of this dress is unknown, but I just love the delicate overlay and the on-trend peplum.  This could so easily be modernized and styled for today.

Elizabeth Taylor won the Oscar for her performance in Butterfield 8 in 1961 wearing this feminine yet dramatic gown with floral embellishments.  Another "designer unknown" gown that I think would be stunning on a present day plus sized fashionista.  Shorten the skirt to tea or knee length, lose the gloves and wear your hair loose and you'd be the most admired guest at any Summer wedding.  The voluminous skirt would be so fun to wear, wouldn't it?

Jane Fonda wore this relaxed and glittering off the shoulder dress when she won for Coming Home in 1979.  The gown (also by an unknown designer) looks sort of silver in these pictures, but if you click on the link you can see that it looked almost mauve on television (she gives an amazing speech too).  I would love to wear something like this, perhaps with a kimono type sleeve and and a slightly empire waist.  We've all loved maxi dresses the last few seasons and I think this would be right in line with that flattering yet comfortable silhouette.   

While there were certainly more elegant nominees in 1980 (Mary Tyler Moore and Gena Rowlands specifically) Sissy Spacek wore a very of-the-time jumpsuit to accept her Oscar for Coal Miner's Daughter.  Anyway, I think jumpsuits are cool and they're making a come back in a big way.  Check out this great design from Monif C.  I'd love to see a plus size lady rocking a jumpsuit on the red carpet this year.

I'm just going to say this.  Would the detailing on the back of Julia Roberts' Valentino gown not look magnificent draped over a larger backside?  Like a modern bustle!  Her 2001 win for Erin Brokovich pretty much made this dress iconic and with good reason.  It's a classic.  Queen Latifah would look killer in a gown like this!

Last, but not least, my favourite dress from the recent past, Kate Winslet's Yves Saint Laurent from 2009 when she won for The Reader.  I love everything about this gown including the way it was styled and the way she wears it.  Magnificent.


Some fashion related eye-candy from around the web:

Since we're talking plus sizes and the red carpet here are a few of my favourites from recent years:

Melissa McCarthy in David Meister at the 2012 Critic's Choice Awards.
Gabourey Sidibe in Marchesa at the 2010 Oscars.
Queen Latifah in Badgley Mischka at the 2010 Oscars.
Adele in Valentino at the 2013 Grammys.

If there's anything that you'd like to see in this space on a Friday, let me know!


  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    What a great idea this week!

  2. Thank you! :) It was fun!

  3. I think Ginger's dress would shine a little brighter without the accessories. More than a little distracting.

    Elizabeth Taylor's gown - and you are so right in everything you said! - is from Dior. The infographic is marvelous, but the creator just needed to dig a little deeper for some of those "unknowns".

    Here's a clip of Shirley Booth's acceptance speech. You get the full view of her dress at the end. It's not fancy, but I imagine she was comfortable.

    1. Love Shirley Booth's dress!

      Of course that's Dior. Of course it is :)

  4. These all are really beautiful and attractive.Loved them all.Julia Roberts' Valentino gown looks stunning.As time will pass new fashion will come and those would too look more attractive.


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