Daydreaming: A Quiet Brunch


Daydreaming about throwing a Springtime brunch in the backyard. 

There would pots of fresh coffee, Ina Garten's baked cinnamon donuts, lemonade muddled with mint from the garden, Montreal bagels and cream cheese, a copy of the Sunday New York Times strewn about and Blossom Dearie playing in the background.

Image via Joe Ruggiero

Here's the kicker:

Conversation between guests is totally optional.

I kind of love the idea of hanging out with some of my favourite people and not talking with them.  Is that weird?  I think I'm craving silence...solitude and togetherness at the same time.  Perhaps this is the result of living with a three year old. Hhhhmmmm.

So what do you think?  Is this idea relaxing or creepy?  Would you ever consider a (relatively) silent brunch like this, or have I gone off my rocker?

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