Red Cup Love!


OK, I saw that one and I must admit, I LOLed because, well, guilty.  Also, please make mine a quad grande, single pump #PSL.  I like my pumpkin subtle. 

What I don't like subtle is my holiday season.  It's well documented here that once Halloween is over it's a constant battle for me to keep from putting up the tree and blasting the Christmas tunes.  What keeps me going until I can justify it is my Starbucks Red Cup.  It's not yelling at you, it's just whispering "the holidays are coming...eggnog...Bing Crosby...sequins...snow..."

The Red Cup is a reminder of all the good stuff that's coming.  It makes me totally warm and fuzzy and I'm no afraid to admit it.

Sometimes, I even choose my coat to match my red cup!

But wait! There's more!

My friends at Starbucks Canada wrote this week to let me know that they have redesigned the iconic red cup and that they are offering you a sneak peek. There are 250 Starbucks® 2013 holiday red cups available each day for four days starting October 16, 2013, until October 19, 2013. Ordering will open each day at 12:00PM Eastern Standard Time and will close once the daily 250 maximum is reached.  Go here! Now! Do it!  A little elf will deliver the cup right to your door!  

Read all about it here.

Let me know if you order one!


FULL DISCLOSURE:  This is not a sponsored post.  I love Starbucks so much...and they know it...and they know I'll do their bidding for free.  Because that's what you do for people and corporate entities that you love.

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