Fashion Friday: Apple Pickin' Edition


Did I go apple picking this week?  Um, no Sir, I did not.  But if I had, this is what I would have worn.  I'm a little bit country.  And a little bit the kind of crazy that you have to be to imagine what you'd wear apple picking if you did, in fact, go apple picking.  Which, to reiterate, I did not.  Because, secretly, I think I'd probably hate apple picking.


This apple is from Sobeys

They grey vintage T is from Old Navy and the plaid button up is from Dex Clothing.

The statement necklace is from Target.  They've got lots of cute costume jewellery right now (obviously super affordable too).  Looking forward to seeing what they do for the holidays.

The boots are Timberland.  Because when I'm pretending to be rugged, that's how I roll.


Some fashion related eye candy online:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Francesca Calfskin Tote.  I need this in my life.

This outfit from Ashley Stewart doesn't do it for me, but the pants!  I would love to pair those with an oversized black sweater and would no doubt feel all kinds of swanky doing it.

Three famous Mondriaan dresses by Yves Saint Laurent, in front of a Mondriaan painting. Dig it!

If there's anything that you'd like to see in this space on a Friday, let me know!

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