Fashion Friday: Black is the New Green Edition


Happy Friday, you guys!  There's something about the change of season that just makes me want to go out and buy all new everything.  There's just so much cute new stuff on the shelves.  The temptation is very real.  In an attempt to try and quell that desire, Fashion Friday is all about the scavenger hunt this week.  What can I find in my closet, that doesn't get worn much and repurpose?  Surely my wallet will thank me and I can feel virtuous for being environmentally friendly and recycling.  Win, win.

This outfit is perfect for hanging out, just going about your every day business.  It's certainly not too fancy for a jaunt to the post office and grocery store, but you won't feel like a slob if you happen to stop for lunch somewhere or pop into a gallery.  Plus, the skirt has pockets which automatically makes it better than any other skirt in my closet.  Why don't ALL skirts have pockets?

The skirt is from Nine West.  That's right, the shoe people.  I bought this skirt so long ago, I'm not even sure they still do clothes.  If memory serves, this was a department store purchase.  The colour and pattern of the print feels super appropriate for Fall, even though I've only worn this in the Summer until today. Yay, recycling!

The shrug, which is worn over an Old Navy ribbed tank, is by MXM at Addition Elle.

The boots, which are the most comfortable heeled boots I'ver worn are from Payless.  They've lasted a surprisingly long time considering I paid $30 for them and they're as plastic as that woman who had all that surgery done to look like a cat.

My eyeglasses are Ray-Ban, brought to you by my affinity for all things Steve Allen.


Some fashion related eye candy online:

The fashion photography of Horst P. Horst. Oh my goodness!

Loving this Michael Kors gown.  I think this would work beautifully on a larger figure.

Great article on Eileen Fisher in the The New Yorker.  I aim to one day be effortlessly chic and live in her clothes.  A girl can dream.

If there's anything you'd like to see featured in this space on Fashion Friday, let me know!


  1. Has a nice gypsy feel. Not the gypsy feel as in "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" gypsy, but old-timey Maria Ouspenskaya in "The Wolf Man" gypsy.

  2. Well it is October :)


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