Age old question.


So Kris Jenner announced today that her marriage to Bruce Jenner has ended after 22 years.  To the surprise of pretty much nobody.  Why am I talking about this?  While it's true that the Kardashians and their 47 different reality shows are a guilty pleasure (what can I say, they kept me kompany when I was up in the middle of the night with a knewborn) I have nothing to add...but you know who did?  Some girl named Nicole who appears to be a high school student in England.  

Shit like this is why I love the internet.

Yeah, it IS kind of bizarre to be tweeting about pumpkin patches when you MARRIAGE IS IN DISARRAY.  There's something about the youth of the author combined with her use of ALL CAPS that just tickles me here.  

It also leaves me thinking that Kris Jenner is wandering around Calabasas looking for the most sincere pumpkin patch in hopes that The Great Pumpkin will surprise her with an orange Birkin bag.  When her MARRIAGE IS IN DISARRAY.

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