Rediscovering Toronto: Viv's 1st Birthday Party at Dufferin Grove Park


I mentioned earlier that while in New Orleans for a month I had a few "paradigm shifts" that I'm still working through.  The one that is perhaps the least meaningful, but the most fun is that I realized I need to take the time this Summer to fall in love with the city I'm in.  When our friends in New Orleans ask why we don't just move there already I have good answers.  Our family is here, Canada is home and we're fortunate to live here (what up, gun control...come sit over here with me, universal healthcare).  But there has to be more, right?  Maybe that makes me greedy, to want more.  But I do, folks.  And this Summer, I'm making it my mission to experience as many wonderful things here at home as I can.  What better way to start than with great friends at a 1st birthday party for one of my favourite little ladies on a beautiful day in this fine city's West End?

Hey, Dufferin Grove Park.  You are looking good.

Sarah, Ron and beautiful little Viv.

Girlfriends and their babies.  Warms the heart.

Cute couple(s) alert!!!

Sarah remains luminous and gorgeous and I remain a total goofball.  All is as it should be.

There's a candle on that cake!

I love this shot.  Look at all the happy faces on Viv's paparazzi.  So much love.

My peeps.

Ron: Father, Ring Master and Pin the Tail on the Donkey Ref.

Beautiful Sarah and Sweet Viv (she had a cold, but she was still delightful).

Michelle asked Lenny to use the face paint to draw a red heart for her to match the one stamped on her other hand.  I think she did really, really well!

Then she said, "Mommy, sit down, I'm going to paint your face.  I will make you a tiger!"


Sure, the kids in the playground and the mud pit (oh my, Lenny loves the mud pit!) were a little worried about me, but once I explained that I do not have a rare skin condition and that my 2 year old painted my face, they were cool with me. It was fun to watch them try to come up with a tactful way to ask me about my face.  It was pretty impossible.

Today was a wonderful day, with some of the best people I know in what might be my favourite park in the city.  A great way to start project Rediscovering Toronto!  Happy Birthday, sweet darling Viv! You are so loved!

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  1. Oh, these are great pics. Makes me wistful for, you know, a big bunch of cool friends that I've known forever.


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