Anger Pig


Lenny's been all about the role play lately. In any given hour we can jump from being "Lucy and Sally and Charlie Brown" to "The Wonder Pets" to random's lots of fun.  Yesterday morning when I was getting her dressed she insisted that I call her Alpha Pig.

Meet Alpha Pig, co-star of PBS Kids show, Super Why:

As you can see, Alpha Pig sports a unitard style jumpsuit and a tool belt.  My Alpha Pig was convinced that he wore overalls.  No honey, I told her, that's not Alpha Pig, that's Mike Holmes.  But there are some battles that just aren't worth fighting, so overalls it was.

But no shirt?  That's pushing it, isn't it?  I mean it's December.  And she HAS teeth.  And there is no tire swing or sofa in our front yard.

OK, so no shirt.  I relented.  But when she said no pictures, I could not comply.  Alpha Pig was not pleased.

click to enlarge and see all the rage up close and personal
It's not all roses and lollipops, people.  Seriously though, if loving these paparazzi style shots of my angry Alpha Pig is wrong, I don't want to be right.

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