Dibble Dop


This morning I walked into Lenny's room to wake her up so I could spend an hour with her before I headed into the office. She started to stir when she heard me walk into the room.  She stretched with her arms over her head, smiling even before her eyes opened.  Then a drowsy, "Hi Mommy".  As she reached for me to take her out of her crib she asked me to turn on her Sleep Sheep to make the rain noise.  "Sheep? Rain? Dibble dop?"

We sat in the semi-dark of her room listening to the rain.  "Raining?" I told her that it was only raining in her room and that it was nice and sunny outside.  "Hot?" she asked me.  "Not too hot", I said.  Then she asked, "windy?"  She seemed satisfied that I was unsure of whether it was windy or not, giving me one of her trademark earnest "yeahs" and snuggling in for some "cudoos" before we started our day.

This sounds like such a simple, even mundane moment but it was remarkable to me because it was such a real conversation.  She's not even two yet and we just started our day with a talk about the weather.  She's growing so fast, understanding so much and communicating with such ease.  I love our little talks.


  1. That's what it's all about.

  2. Aww. If she asks if you've heard the new Trombone Shorty single, get her to Harvard ASAP.


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