Diamond Jubilee Tea Party!


I won't lie to you, I've taken to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations this weekend like a fish to water.  True, I'm on board for just about any holiday but this one is hitting me right where I live.  I was raised in a household that had a great deal of respect and fondness for the Royals and I carry that with me today. 

Isn't she lovely?
I know she isn't even 2 years old yet, but I wanted to try and make the occasion fun for Lenny.  Even though she won't remember the specifics we'll have the story and the photos.  I want to share this with her not just because it's of significance to me, but because her heritage is deeply rooted in the UK.

Lenny's "official" name on her birth certificate is Eileen.  She was named for the Robeau's mother who was in turn named for her mother.  She's a third generation Eileen.  The first Eileen met her husband (Lenny's Great Granddad) when he was a young Canadian soldier serving in WWII.  Eileen was a young British woman working in the canteen.  Family legend is it was love at first sight.  They were married shortly after.

Alan Angus Sloss Peterson and his bride Eileen on their wedding day.

Eileen, Alan and their first born, Eileen Jean (Lenny's Nana!) at home in England
So, this afternoon, to honour HRH, we had a Diamond Jubilee Tea Party.  I even made bunting!  Thanks to Wee Birdy's charming (and free) printables.  Isn't it festive?

On the menu were Funfetti Cupcakes which we decorated with sprinkles and these amazing toppers - another free printable, this time from the good people at Crumb.  I can't get enough of these!

Also on the menu was homemade Butternut Squash Soup (served in my favourite depression era teacups - thanks Mo) and open faced Cucumber Sandwiches which Lenny devoured.  I mean devoured.

The sandwiches were served on one of my favourites, a vintage Ridgway Ironware platter (in the "Espresso" pattern that was very popular around the time the Queen had her Coronation).  I got it at Value Village last year and just love it!

Lenny had a blast. She kept running around the house chanting "Tea Party!" and "Queen!" I look forward to sharing these pictures with her someday and the story about the Tea Party we had (with not a drop of tea) to celebrate a lady named Elizabeth who didn't expect to get the job she did when she was a little girl, but took it on with grace and courage and continues to do her duty every day sixty years later.  If that isn't worth a cupcake, I don't know what is.  Hooray for Lizzy!


  1. God Save the Queen!
    Ratty and Mole would have loved all the messing about in boats :)

  2. This looks like so much fun! You're an awesome mama.

  3. Hip, hip hooray! Hip, hip hooray! Hip, hip hooray!


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