Remembering Jim Henson, 22 years later.


It's hard to believe that it was 22 years ago when I was sitting in grade 10 music class and heard that Jim Henson passed away.  Thinking back, what a wonderful environment to learn such sad news.  A bunch of 16 year old kids who grew up on Sesame Street and were, to the last, Muppet Show obsessed.  We all were.  Of course we were.  There were lots of tears and hugs.  There was something about the sadness that I think might have made us all feel a little more grown up.

What I know now is that Henson's legacy is safe and sound.  As you may know, since I talk about it incessantly watching Sesame Street with Lenny might be my very favourite thing to do.

Thanks, Jim.  What a gift.

A few favourite Henson moments:

If you enjoy those there are a whack of commercials on youtube.  The Wilkins Coffee campaign is great!

A later appearance for Ernie.  Perfect.


The Robeau calls this the best pop song ever written.

Frank Oz at Jim's memorial.

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  1. 22 years and I still can't believe it.


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