Top Chef Canada Episode 7 Recap: "The Lusciousness of a Casserole" the new number one hit from "singer" Johnny Reed.


I can't tell the difference.  Can you tell the difference?

We're picking up right after Restaurant Wars...iiiiiintense.

Jimmy Stewart and the only French man in Calgary seem to have a budding bromance. Come on, French man, you can do better!

Jimmy thinks he "sent a message" by throwing Elizabeth under the bus.  

And then there were NINE.


Richard Blais is our guest judge this week.  Bluuurgh.  Of COURSE Jimmy loves him.  FOAM! CANS!  Bluuuuuurgh.


Not-Padma unviels a bunch of label-free tin cans.  The chefs have to pick three cans and cook something"chefy" with the contents.  Please let there be dog food.  Please let there be dog food.  Please let there be dog food.

Richard Blais looks like Fido Dido.

David took five cans.  Which means he has to include something from all five cans.  He's talking to himself about the fact that he took five cans, when he only had to take three.  "You know what?  I win."

Safe to say, David is becoming unhinged.  And he does not win.

Hot dogs in a can?  Oh, Carl.

Headband's got a can that smells like farts.

Curtis cuts himself.   Curtis is making knuckle foam.  He's never gone to culinary school.  That explains...well...some things.



Carl admits to not knowing what three of his four items are.

Jimmy is so in love with Richard Blais.  He knows way too much about him.  He wants to eat surf and turf with him on a beach.

I can't believe they have to eat this sheeet.

Bottom three: David "five can", Headband with his fart can and the ultimate loser: Carl for fishy sumthin'.  Gross, all around, you guys.  Gross.

Ryan and Curtis are tops along with Trevor.  But the big winner is Ryan for embracing the challenge and cooking something IN a can.  IMMUNITY!

I must say, Curtis' reaction to being in the top is priceless. He's a surprised as anybody.


Deconstruction time.  Take the essence of the original dish, change the texture and flavour and come up with something new.

Spin the wheel of classic dishes!

"I love to spin wheels, I don't know why" - Curtis

The only French man in Calgary gets Quiche Lorraine which he says he ate three times a week growing up.  What? When it wasn't foie night?  

The can-con guest judge is someone named Johnny Reed? What?  Who is this?  He's a singer?  What?  Now Ryan is talking into the camera about Johnny Reed.  I'm pretty sure they made Ryan read this guy's bio and pretend he knows who he is.  

Aaaand Jimmy Stewart is now wearing his hair like Richard Blais.

We're spending a lot of time on Crazy Curtis this week.  It seems like the other chefs like to get him drunk in their glamourous condo with it's glamourous view of my office and glamourous TORONTO! bunk beds for entertainment.

The only French man in Calgary called his wife and we get to listen in.  She sounds very not-French and very bored.  We must getting down to the nitty-gritty of the competition.  The first five people that get booted off competitions like this never have their personal lives examined.

Dave has made a redemption Terrine deconstructing chicken noodle soup and it is beautiful to look at.

Trevor is melting down, dropping things and looking generally stressed.

The only French man in Calgary is sawing a broom handle apart to use as a mold.  If any of these other chefs were attempting this right now, I'd think they'd gone off the deep end.  Somehow he seems perfectly at home doing this kind of wood working in the kitchen.


Jimmy's up first with his deconstructed chicken pot pie.  It's not coming together.  There's a wasabi pea ice cream that's making Mark McEwan angry.  Oh god, Jimmy's gonna freak out.  He already has Daddy issues.  Be gentle with him Blais.

Ryan, who already has immunity got Eggs Florentine and he made duck egg yolk crusted in potato chips. YES PLEASE, Ryan.  Yes, please.

Headband made a yummy looking strawberry cheesecake but the deconstructed graham cracker is a mess.  They don't like it.  Oh no.  Headband!

Carl has knocked it out of the park again.  His chilli terrine is a winner.  They like David's redemption terrine as well. Terrine week!

Trista did meatloaf tartare but made a cooked portion of meat for Shereen, who is, you may have heard, knocked up.  It's lame.  Trista remains lame.

Richard Blais keeps sticking his nose in the food.  He's awful.  You're awful, Richard Blais.  

Curtis is such a weirdo.  He made tuna cannelloni and it's just...yuck.

Get your nose out of the food, Richard Blais.

I seriously do not understand a word this Johnny Reed person is saying.  He's Scottish?  Irish?  Canadian?  A singer? Are we sure?  Why is he there?  Who is he????  WHY?????

The only French man in Calgary did great with a plate of little cylinders made from the sawed off broom stick.  Sounds antiseptic, but it looks really yummy.

McEwan is amused by Trevor who didn't want to make "pasta balls and meat noodles".  Good choice, Trevor.  I must say that his meatball stuffed with sauce looks pretty cool.

Not-Padma should not say things like "it just squirted"


David, The only French man in Calgary and Trevor are your top three.

The only French man in Calgary did well to saw that broom stick apart...he wins this challenge!

Jimmy, Curtis and Headband (!) are the bottom three.  Headband is not wearing a headband.  WHYYYYY?  Put on your headband!  This is bad luck!

Why isn't Trista in the bottom three?

Jimmy claims he let his "age" get the best of him.  Shut up, Jimmy.  Richard Blais tells him to learn how to edit himself and says that plates like the one he served "make us all look bad in modern cuisine" OUCH.

When we see Jimmy again in the storage room / beer locker of self pity he has clearly tried to lay his hair down.  See what happens, Richard Blais?  Where's your mini me now?

Did Mark McEwan just use the phrase "the lusciousness of a casserole"?  Yes, yes he did.

Curtis has to go home.  Ah, crazy Curtis! I admit it, I'm gonna miss him.  He should have made a tuna macaron.

Curtis hopes that he brought "sunshine and happiness" into the lives of the other chefs.  He doesn't want to cry.  

"I'm smiling even right now.  I don't know why.  But I am." - Curtis

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