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It's been a BUSY week on the interwebs, you guys!  Read on...

SOPA is essentially dead, and we killed it.
via Venture Beat

The biggest story of the week!

Who You Are on Facebook Is Probably Pretty Much Who You Are
via The Atlantic

"But digital spaces -- Facebook and all its counterparts -- allow us to ask in ways we couldn't previously: How portable is personality, actually?"

Google+ Now Lets You Create Memes
via Mashable

Yeah, I don't know, Google+. Still not sure who they're hoping their core user group will be.

Facebook Promotion of Timothy's Coffee Brews Social Media Backlash
via The Toronto Star

Starbucks would never let this happen. Take note, Timothy's.

Should the CEO also be Chief Social Media Officer?
via The Social CMO

Yes, The most effective leaders throughout history have been great communicators.  But I don't see many CEO's embracing Social Media yet. Do you?

Brand-Jacking: Social disaster or the highest form of flattery?
via Stumleupon

It's a fact of digital life, if you ask me. Besides, if loving the Elizabeth Windsor Twitter account is wrong, I don't want to be right. Facebook Cards
via Facebook / MOO

Did you know that MOO translated the new Facebook Cover Photo concept to the MOO Business Card format - mirroring the fonts, layout and iconography of the new Facebook Timeline? They gave a bunch of them away to kick start the initiative and mine arrived in the mail last week!  As you can see, Finger-Puppet Obama was as excited by this turn of events as I was (and yes, that is my newly shellac manicured thumb holding the card)!  I've always been a big fan of MOO and they just keep getting cooler and cooler.  I can't see anybody getting my printing business away from them.


  1. These are no doubt the best collection of Facebook Cover Pictures I’ve seen! -

  2. Anonymous3:34 PM

    They look great! I love Moo, they're the best. They really stand out - kind of important in a business card. :) Are you loving the shellac manicure??

  3. You're so right about MOO! I love their cards, too. So easy to design and customize and they come out looking much more expensive than they are.


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