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Comedy Central App Lets You Program Its Friday Night Line-Up

Mashable fills us in on CC Stand Up an app attached to Comedy Central’s official Facebook page. Once users Like Comedy Central, they’ll be given access to the app which lets them vote for a series of comedians by watching short clips of their performances. Me likey! What do you think?

The Art of Social Media

Akimbo's Social Media Director, James Fowler, offers an overview of the art world's social media landscape, blogging from the corner of ART+TECH.

DKNY Girl is one of my faves on Twitter, and she's probably one of yours too.  Fashionably Marketing had this great convo with her earlier in 2011.

From August 2011, via Social Rant, a post that I have found myself revisiting time and again.  Thanks for the touchstone, Social Rant!

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  1. I think if more channels programmed things CC style, TV might be an even better place. If I had Comedy Central, I'd use that app every week!


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