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Getting my round up in just under the wire this week!  Had a very busy weekend with Mary Poppins opening at the Princess of Wales last night and then today was my mom's 76th b-day (happy b-day mom!)

Now, Lenny's in bed and dinner is done, so let's get linking!

How To Set Up a Google + Brand Page

The biggest story this week was the launch of Google + Brand Pages.  Here Mashable gives you a tutorial on how to set yours up.  Do you have one yet?  Will you be creating one?

Newspapers' Digital Apostle

My New York Times boyfriend David Carr (not to be confused with my PBS boyfriend Charlie Rose) profiles John Paton:

Mr. Paton has heard all about how choosing digital revenue over print revenue is like choosing dimes over dollars. He points out that the print dollars have dropped by more than half in the last five years and perhaps it is time to start “stacking the dimes.” He also notoriously proposed that real transformation would happen only if the industry were willing to “stop listening to newspaper people.”

How One Company Saved Thousands of Dogs Using Social Media

Thanks to Mashable for this warm fuzzy story.

via Mashable
Twitter users most generous charitable donors on social media

Speaking of warm and fuzzy...The Telegraph cites research that says Facebook users give more often, but Twitter users are more generous.  I gotta say, this doesn't surprise me.  Like they say, Facebook is like Walmart and Twitter is like a Boutique.

The Unreasonable Customer

Seth Godin blogs about when it's ok to fire a customer.

And then, there's this:

Don't we all, kitteh, don't we all..

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  1. I'm intrigued by the Google + Brand page. thanks for the info, Tracey!


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