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There's never any shortage of social media shop talk online.  Here's what piqued my interest this week...

How This 23-Year-Old Used Tumblr To Land A Book Deal

Business Insider's War Room brings us the story of Gaby Dunn and her Tumblr 100 Interviews. A good primer for thinking about ways you can maximize your impact online, even without a background in branding and promotions.

"No Tweeting!" How Restricting Social Media At Work Affects Productivity

Media Bistro tells us about a study that says employees who engage in “workplace internet leisure browsing” such as watching videos and keeping up to date with friends while at work are 9 percent more productive than those who don’t.

Offline Meets Online

Interesting Q&A on DX3 Digest with LinkedIn's Nicole German.

Via Twitter Stories

This week, Twitter launched a new site, Twitter Stories to highlight not just the humanity behind the tweets, but the huge impact individual tweets can have.  The website itself is beautiful to look at and incredibly inviting.  I could spend hours there.

My favourites so far are from Roger Ebert, Maureen Evans and Dr. Willy Mutunga.  Use the hashtag #twitterstories to share your own.

In other news: Jesus is Trending right now!  Oh, Louis CK...I love you.

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  1. First off? LOVE ME SOME LOUIE!

    Also, do you think the workers who play around online get more done because of the mad dash to accomplish anything once they realize they've spent too much time goofing off? 'Cause that's what it was like for me!


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