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What are people talking about online this week when it comes to the world of Social Media?  Read on...

Twitter quietly launches new timeline

We Are Social has compiled all the available info on Twitter's upcoming major redesign.  Many feel these changes are long overdue, but I appreciate that Twitter takes its time with these things.  I get the sense that they wait until they're sure that it's time and that works in their favour.

15 Ways to Use Twitter for Business

This piece from Social Fresh is a great starting place if you're wondering how Twitter can help your business.

Youtube announces new channel lineup

Social Times brings us the scoop on the regularly scheduled programming coming to Youtube in 2012.  This is truly going to change the way we watch television.  And where we watch television.

5 Ways Journalists Are Using Google +

Mashable proves that Google + isn't the wasteland full of tumbleweeds that you think it is.

Fairly certain Chapters couldn't fit any more copies of the Steve Jobs book in the store if they tried.

Bill Gates Responds to Steve Jobs attacks

Bill Gates was super classy this morning on ABC's This Week, if you ask me.

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