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It's Friday, which means it's time for my roundup of the best reading I've found on the topic of Social Media on the web this week. If you have any links you think I should share next week let me know in the comments or tweet me @misstraceynolan.

Jim Clayton's Have you Met...?

New blog alert!  The Robeau's bringing you profiles of the people behind Toronto's upscale corporate events (a thing he knows a thing or three about).  I suggest you bookmark this one...

Welcome to the Stream

Adweek claims Web 2.0 is dead, eclipsed by data-driven content and 'live' feeds. They ask if media and marketers adapt to the Net's next phase? An interesting read...

Kobo Enters the Tablet Market

That's right, Canadian e-readers.  It's colour, you can surf the web and it's only $200.  This one's going to be hard to resist if you ask me.  The Globe and Mail has more details for you.

The new Kobo will be competing with the latest Kindle (picture via Globe and Mail) 

The New Facebook Insights Explained in Plain English

Confused by your new page insights?  The non-profit Facebook Guy explains it all for you.  Straightforward and easy to read.  I found this super helpful.

The Other Zuckerberg

Randi Zuckerberg has got personality, y'all, and the New York Times thinks you should know all about it.  This dishy article talks about karaoke and stock options, but it's in the Fashion & Style section so you can guess what the focus is.

And finally, in your viral video of the week, Johnathan Mann sings a duet with Siri

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