Labour Day means the last day of the Canadian National Exhibition, which, to everyone in Toronto means the official end of Summer.  For as long as I can remember I've been attending the CNE and for just as long my sister has been taking pictures of me at various landmarks at the CNE.  It's a nice tradition, even if some years I was more awkward looking than others.  One spot is the Princess Margaret Fountain (which the Princess herself unveiled in 1958).

Here I am at four or five years old, in the late Seventies.

Here again, in 2006, on a rainy visit to the grounds.  There are twenty-odd years worth of photos that bridge these two together.

Here I am, in that same spot this year, with Lenny, ready to start a new tradition.  Passing the torch feels good!

Pop over to Tracey Nolan Studios to see some of my favourite photos from the CNE over the years.

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  1. Ah, tradition is grand. Ain't it?


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