In A Sentimental Mood


Before Lenny was born, the Robeau and I were talking about the fun things we'd be able to do with her once she was here.  Surely it wouldn't be all changing diapers and wiping noses and worrying till your hair turns grey(er).  We both decided that the thing we were most looking forward to about parenting was introducing our kid to the things we loved.  Books, music, tv, places, meals, ideas, people...we couldn't wait to show her the stuff that makes our lives richer, happier and better.  Sharing some quiet time on the couch watching Sesame Street with her is one of my new favourite things to do.  "Look, Lenny" I say "It's Maria! She hasn't changed in 30 years."

She has this habit of looking at you and smiling when she sees something or someone she loves.  You know, like Elmo, ice cream or an Aunt or Grandmother.  Nose scrunched, eyes twinkling, mouth wide open her face is saying, "Can you believe this?!?! How great is this?"

This might be the most surprising this about parenthood so far.  That she wants to share her stuff with us, too, and so soon.

Anyone who has read this blog at all knows that one of my things is jazz.  It's one of the Robeau's too, considering playing the music is what he does for a living.  I mean, he's won awards.  People play his music on the radio.  It's silly, but I still think of it as being one of my things because the music has been in my life so much longer than he has.

Want proof of my jazz nerd status? Here I am, on my 17th birthday (20 years ago, gasp!) proudly showing off the Sackville All Stars recording - featuring Jim Galloway - that Caftan Woman had just given me. Please try to ignore the fact that I am dressed like a 45 year old secretary even though I am in grade 11. Nobody wins if we start talking about the leopard print, especially me.

I had a great time covering the Toronto Jazz Festival for Torontoist this year.  In fact, you can read my wrap up here.  Hands down though, for me, the best moment was when I got to take Lenny to her first Jazz Fest concert.  Jim Galloway has long been one of my favourite musicians (as you can see) and the fact that I got to take her to see him play in a beautiful open air setting made it all the more special.  And her "Uncle" Andy was playing too!  It really was too perfect.

Here's Lenny, after the set, hanging out with jazz radio legend Ted O'Reilly.  I used to listen to his show on my transistor radio in bed, when I should have been sleeping.

Moments like this remind me just how weird and wonderful my life is.  I'm so glad I get to share it all with Lenny.


  1. I love you three. truly and completely.

  2. Lovely post.

    The sharing doesn't stop. This summer I'm introducing Janet to "Barney Miller" and she's bringing me into the world of "Star Trek: Voyager".


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