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Remember when you were in grade school and you'd pass notes in class with your best friend?  That's the earliest forms of written communication that Annette and I took part in.  Burning questions like "What do you want to play at recess?" and "Do you like my new sweatshirt? The one with a teddy bear dressed as Tina Turner?"  Needless to say, I loved the sweatshirt (duh) and I wanted to dance a tango in the playground at recess.  Annette would lead.  Yeah, we were pretty weird kids.

Of course, the best stories always start when the weird kids find each other.  

Once we were in high school the note passing took on a serious, more long form nature.  One Friday morning, in grade 12 Law Studies, Annette wrote out a detailed missive explaining the entire plot to the episode of Seinfeld that I missed the night before.  I guess the teacher thought she was taking notes in my agenda book, but in reality she was filling me in on Jerry's trials and tribulations with a Cigar Store Indian and Frank Costanza's missing TV Guide.

When my BFF moved to Ottawa for first year University we'd send long, handwritten letters to each other. Me learning about dorm life and her new friends, she learning about my new job and getting the latest gossip from home.

Pretty soon we were grown ups, if you can call 22 year olds grown ups.  At the very least we were masquerading as adults, with schedules, office wardrobes and email.  Both of us, like virtually everybody else our age at that point, bored out of our minds at our desks, clock watching.  It wasn't acceptable to pick up the phone and call your pal to chat while you waited and waited for an assignment from your boss or for 5:30pm to finally arrive.  But sending an email?  BA-RING IT!!!

Over the past years 15 years, over email, we've counselled one another on relationship struggles, office politics, fashion, lunch orders and real estate.  We've planned a wedding, studied sonograms and picked out furniture.  We've made each other laugh, we've made each other cry.  And for me, those emails have brought our words to life the same way those handwritten notes did in grade school.

Pro tip: when choosing a best friend, find one who will take the time to fix YOUR dress on HER wedding day.

With a little luck, someday we'll be old ladies emailing each other pics of our grandkids...

There's still nobody I'd rather tango with.  Happy Birthday, Buddy.  Choosing you as my best friend reminds me daily of my impeccable taste.  Love you to death.  Email me!

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  1. Oh I know what you mean... I have a few girlfriends that don't live near me, we survive on long, long emails to each other... they enrich my life so much!


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