Happy Victoria Day!


I know. I'm a killjoy. But it makes me grumpy when we call Victoria Day Weekend the "May 2-4" weekend. For one thing, it's around May 24th, not on it, so deduct two points for that foolishness and for another, it would be nice if we actually gave some thought to our history and Queen Victoria on, wait for it...Victoria Day.  But since you've heard me get all anti-fun about holiday Mondays before, I won't turn this into a history lesson.  Mostly because I'm not qualified to give one.  Also, I like beer and fireworks as much as the next guy.  I thought it would be nice though, in the spirit of the recent royal wedding to share some images from another great royal romance.  The one between William's Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother Victoria and her husband, Albert.

An illustration from 1839 depicting Victoria proposing to Albert at Windsor Castle.  Pretty cute, huh?
Queen Victoria on her wedding day.

The Newlyweds

Photographer Roger Fenton captures the couple in 1854.  Isn't this image surprisingly...I don't know...un-royal?

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  1. Three cheers for Her Majesty!

    You're so right about the Fenton photograph. It's practically candid from a time when that wasn't possible.


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