Well, what do you know, the lovely Caftan Woman has bestowed upon me a "Stylish Blogger Award".  If only she knew that I was sitting here right now in my yoga pants with my hair in pigtails, smelling vaguely of spit up.  Who's stylish now?

I did get new glasses last week though.  Which depending on who you ask make me either more stylish or a little bit waaaaay too into Steve Allen.  Whatever.  Haters to the left.

The fun thing about this "Stylish Blogger Award" is that I get to now pass it on to seven worthy bloggers!  It's like chain mail, or one of those panty exchange things only BETTER!  Because, frankly my friends, if you're not reading these blogs yet, you should be.  And not just because they're stylish.

The Farmer's Only Daughter
A crafty lifestyle blog from my wonderful friend Desiree.  She creates beautiful one of a kind accessories that are available for sale as well (you can find those on the blog).  Totally worth checking out!

Ms. Packwood Goes to Washington
Follow Ms. Packwood on her travels to Washington and back again.  Yes, she's this pithy in real life too!

Celine Olivia
My girl Celine says it best herself...not always sweet, but always sincere!

City Girl
I've been reading City Girl for years.  I sometimes think that we are living parallel lives.  She's laugh out loud funny and a super talented photographer.  Check her out!

So Much Sugar
To read her blog is to feel as though you really know her, and to know her is to love her.

Sandy Toe Productions
This amazing, artistic, thoughtful mom is my cousin in (common) law!  Jealous?  You should be.

My so-called Motherhood
Cheryl's relatively new to the blogging game, but her hip working mom's guide to survival will keep you coming back for more!

Honourable Mentions

I can't give these fine blogs the recognition I feel they deserve because somebody else beat me to the punch.

Previous recipient of the "Stylish Blogger Award" and a newcomer to my blogroll, A Lot of Layers (aka The Onion).  I am having a grande time peeling through her archives.

My sister, Queen of the Classic Movie Bloggers, Caftan Woman.  In the days before the internet, if anyone in my household ever wanted to know anything the answer was always to ask Caftan Woman.  Now all we have to do is read her blog!

Happy reading everyone!  You stay stylin'!

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  1. Steve would be proud of those specs!


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