Sweet Potato


Lenny's getting the hang of this solid food thing.  So far she's choked down a couple of different types of cereal, sweet potatoes (made in our faboo Beaba Babycook!) and some apple sauce.  Each item has been met with a mix of excitement and trepidation as well as a strange squinty, blinking expression.  Whenever she makes this funny little face I can't help but scream with laughter which makes me a very poor role model at meal time, that's for damn sure.  I can't seem to capture that face in a still photo, but The Robeau should have a video montage of some of the adventures she's been having in her high chair soon.  I'm hopeful that we're starting off on the right foot here and that the little monkey is going to have a great, loving and healthy relationship with food.  Tomorrow - baby carrots!

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