The Greatest


Lenny turned six months old this week.  Six! Months! Old!

Lenny is a girl who fights sleep with every fibre of her being.  She cries and thrashes and protests, but when the sleep finally does come, man, is she ever slow to wake.  I understand all of this on a very real, almost primal level.

Lenny loves it when you make loud and aggressive "aaaarrggghhh" noises at her.  Nothing makes her laugh harder.  Except maybe when you open your mouth really wide and stare at her.  That is hilarious. Laugh until you cough hilarious.

Lenny has two small, sharp teeth protruding from her gums.  She also has the look of an addict in her eyes.  When she sees something, anything, you can see the wheels start spinning in her head.

"What is that?  How fast can I get that in mouth?"

You've never seen anything like it.  I mean, she looks like Sam Jackson in Jungle Fever.  She's gonna sell our new TV to buy a crate of teething rings, I just know it.

Lenny has the sweetest smile you've ever seen and the heartiest laugh you've ever heard coming out of somebody so small.  

I never imagined, not even in my wildest dreams, that a six month old could be such wonderful company. Every morning when we greet each other I'm so excited that I get to spend another day with this delicious little girl.  She is THE GREATEST.


  1. Also the greatest: THOSE THIGHS! om nom nom!

  2. In picture no. 1 she has that wise High Llama look, but with a child's condescension toward the adult. It is not yet softened by the High Llama's traditional understanding and pity. Fond though I am of babies, and I am very fond of babies, something about that look makes me feel like the village idiot in a Universal Horror flick.

    Happy Birthday, Lenny! Don't put me in the cornfield.

  3. Happy Half Birthday, Lenny!



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