On the road again...


The Christmas season is in full swing.  The Robeau, Lenny and I took a trip down to Sarnia (visiting Woodstock and London along the way) for an early Christmas with that side of the family.  I love staying in hotels with Lenny.  She's so adaptable and we get to do fun stuff like give her a bath in the sink at the Super 8.  Who wouldn't love that?

Only in that part of the world would this be considered a "continental" anything.

Sarnia Christmas was great.  Catching up with great folks and eating a killer bird.  And look at the cuteness the Clayton side of the family brings.  I mean...really.  

And I was so distracted with chit chat and munching that I only managed to get half of Lenny's cousins on my camera.  I'll have to fix that on our next trip to catch up in London.

* Music Monday will return next week with TWO Christmas tunes to make up for my absence this week.

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  1. How can you not love a hotel called the "Super 8"!

    (Ugh I have to get moving on some christmas presents!)


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