Waiter! More Bread!


When she cries, instead of "whaaaa" like one might expect, it comes out "laaaaaaa". LA!  LA-AH-AH-AH!  LaaaaAAAAaaaa!!!!!!  She never cries harder than when she's being fed and you take the bottle out of her mouth.  Or, recently, now that she's getting bigger, if the she finishes the bottle and still wants more. The agony.  The sheer injustice of it.  the absolute LaaaaAAAAaaaa!!!!!!-ness of the thing.

I worry what it might sound like the day someone hurts her feelings.  I imagine it will be the LA heard round the world.

This afternoon, after a particularly upsetting early end to a meal, while we heated up another 2 ounces I wondered to the Robeau what it might be like if we were free to behave that way.  He was carrying her in his arms, dancing to Tea for Two which seems to be the only thing that calms her down.

Me:  What if you could do this in a restaurant?  I mean if you weren't satisfied with your meal?  Shove your empty plate away and cry and wail until the waiter came and slow danced with you to distract you while they brought you more food?

Him:  I'd pay good money to go to that restaurant.

Her:  LaaaaAAAAaaaa!!!!!!


  1. Anonymous9:08 PM

    That is too funny!

  2. Oh my GOD yes. Your daughter is onto something!

  3. I wish I could pull that off, especially at work!!


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