Introducing Lenny!


Art Vandelay is here!  Meet Eileen Agnes "Lenny" Clayton who arrived on Monday, August 16th at 6:49am.  Named for her Grandmothers and Jerry Orbach's character on Law & Order, cause that's not weird at all.

Please forgive any typos.  It's not impossible, but typing with a 7lb 12 ounce baby on your lap can prove to be a challenge.

We just arrived home today from the hospital and everything is going beautifully.  So far Lenny is charming everyone she meets...even the cats seem almost fond of her.  Once we settle in I've got all kinds of stories to tell.  There never seems to be a dull moment with our Lenny!


  1. This is now my all-time favourite photograph. And that includes the Clarence Bull portrait of Buster Keaton. Now you know I'm serious!

  2. Remarkable.

    Her cousin Gavin thinks her name is "Cousin Lemmy". Up in Actor Heaven Jerry Orbach will have to duke it out with Jack Lemmon.

  3. Fantastic! Congratulations to the new mum (and dad!) and welcome, little one!

  4. oh Tracey and Jim - I love you. I love Lenny - I can't wait for some serious Tracey, Jim and Lenny loving time.... <3

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! You'll get used to typing with Lenny in no time at all :)


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