That's the way it is.


Walter Cronkite retired from his nightly broadcast when I was in first grade. Despite that, even to my generation, he represented everything that was noble about journalism. I found this fun video of Johnny Carson and crew having a little go at Walter when he retired. It made me laugh. It's a gentle sort of comedy, but Carson does a pretty great job capturing a version of Cronkite...the one the whole world expected must have existed under his calm, cool, professional exterior.

Cronkite's professionalism and brand of journalism has been missed for years, now he will be too.


  1. Carson did have his moments. I bet it made Walter laugh, too! I had a good chuckle.

  2. Old Wal-tor knew a thing or two and didn't mind spoofing his own image.

    When Julie Andrews became host of the PBS New Year's Concert from Vienna, I knew it was time to say good-bye.


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