Bienvenue à la Maison


So, wow, posting sure has been light since Day 1 of The Toronto Jazz Festival, hasn't it? I was cocky to think I would be able to see three or four shows a day, photograph them, edit the photos in the middle of night by candle light, upload them to Flickr, send them to various publishers and still blog.

When the Toronto Fest wrapped we boarded a train to Montreal, the Robeau and I, to cover the world-famous Montreal Jazz Festival for CODA Magazine. It was a wonderful three days, getting to know this city I've never even been to where (did you know this?) everybody speaks French. No, I mean it. I've known all my life that Quebec was THE most bilingual portion of my bilingual country, but jeepers, EVERYBODY SPOKE FRENCH. Don't you just love my knack for stating the obvious? This reminds me of the time that I went to the musical FOSSE and my personal review was that "it was a little dance heavy". What was I expecting? Lots of riveting dialogue delivered from under the brim of a bowler hat? It was called FOSSE. So, yeah, I was kind of surprised by just how much French I heard in Montreal. Particularly in Starbucks where I actually had a hard time ordering my Triple Grande Latte. I spoke "Starbucks" but not French! It was a little awkward, but mostly kind of exciting and exotic. It's a beautiful city and they are very, very good to their artists. It was nice to see. I'll share some more pics and thoughts on all this good stuff later, when I'm not totally distracted. Which I am right now.

You see, less than a week after we got back from Montreal, this Monday to be precise, we went and got ourselves in the real estate market. You are now reading the blog of a homeowner. Holy crap. We take possession in mid-August and couldn't be more excited. My thoughts are dominated by "accent walls" and "throw covers" and The Robeau is stoked to finally live somewhere he can put his "handymanness" to work. Here's our new pad, white picket fence and all, where we look forward to playing out our disturbingly clichéd gender roles for years to come. Wish us luck.


  1. WOW congratulations!! What a cute house (love the fence!) I hope to someday have a little yard too... Make the Robeau mow the lawn though haha. That is very exciting.

    I am glad the festival was so fun. Can't wait to see photos.

    (Thanks for all your notes!) Have a great weekend my fellow homeowner!

  2. I now put forth my request to volunteer as your official house-sitter. There may be a time when the Robeau and yourself are summoned to some far away Jazz Festival, I'd be ever so pleased to feed your furry friends and check the mail.

  3. Thanks Kim!

    Novabreeze, you're on...and the proximity to the subway wouldn't make feel bad about taking you up on that, either! : )

  4. Yay! Good luck and congratulations, Tracey! How's the packing going?


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